Benefits of Sun Shades


With sun shades, you can still get a view of the outside without anyone being able to see in.  A touch of privacy with a view that you can control!

Sun shades offer an extra barrier of protection for your home furnishings and the rest of your interior.  Lower the shades when the sun is at its strongest to keep the aesthetic appeal of your décor intact. The shades still allow you to incorporate natural light into your interior design.

Both interior and exterior sun shades offer premium energy savings that can drastically lower your bills this summer. Since they are retractable, sun shades give you control over the amount of natural sunlight that filters into your home. Lower the shades when the sun is at its strongest to keep interior temperatures cooler. These shades can even help you during the winter and lower your home heating costs.

We can also rescreen damaged window screens and /or bent frames.

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